Girona Car Hire

When doing your e-search on cheap car hire from the Girona airport, be aware that ‘Girona’ is spelt both with an ‘I’ and with an ‘e’ (Gerona). It’s the same place, but written in a different way in Castilian and Catalan languages. With your Car hire Girona [Gerona] in hand you can well organize your visit and exploration of all the attractions that the whole province Girona has to offer.

You could drive to the beach in half an hour from the city centre or go skiing to the snowcapped Pyrenees in an hours time, and as many of the car hire companies in the town centre also have an office in the airport, you should be able to drop off your car at the airport, even if you hired from the town but make sure to check this before you hire your car. With your rented car from Girona you can put the city centre and the beaches of the Costa Brava on your travel itinerary. Girona Airport is about 20 minutes and is just a 30 minutes drive to the nearest golf course. With the current trend of choosing to go camping in the rural area amongst tourists, a car hire becomes a quintessential thing on your vacation plan. rent a car near me

Car Hire at Girona Airport: With most of the car hire companies being located at the Airport and a few within a few minutes drive of the airport, finding a rental car of your choice should not be a problem. But as it goes without saying a pre-booking is anytime advisable.

Most of the car hire companies in Girona permit a one-way journey and drop off of the car at an alternative location – provided they have an office there. So even if you can’t get a car-hire of your choice you can opt for a car hire from a neighboring city. However, never assume that this will be easy and it is vital that you check when making the booking. Majority of the car hire desks at Girona airport are open from morning around 8 until about midnight through out the week. Opening hours can change, so it is advisable that you run a double check directly with the car-hire company before you travel, especially if you are arriving during the night or during the winter season (i.e. October to May).

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